When feel sour, drop your phone! Yes, the advice may work, for all updated apple users. In order to reaffirm, watch the new video released, featuring the cool new attribute of the upcoming iPhone 7. The video boasts about the cool and hot feature in iPhone 7.
you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone.”  The line must have given you some cliché
feeling. But the world leading MNC in innovation, Apple Inc. has heightened our
expectations and raised the level of astonishment once again.
The new concept is named ‘parachute system.’ It works when, you accidentally drop your phone and the gravity is all ready to gobble it up with its natural force.
We are actually not sure if the guys have
succeeded in beating up that arrogant natural force. The concept has been shown
with CO2 gas filled in the device.
The moment you drop it, with increasing
speed, the gas is released, lifting it up a bit which helps in slowing it down.
The procedure claims to protect the phone from a physical damage, if works,
this feature may prove to be the most innovative and amazing phase in this era
of smartphones.  Yes, we are aware of
realities but hopes don’t cost the fortunes!


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