Blogging is very common nowadays. There are several free blogs out
there where you can create an account without spending anything and start
sharing your experience, ideas, and knowledge. If you’re doing it only for fun
or you just want to experience how it is to blog, it’s fine if you use a free website.
However, if you’re doing this for professional reasons, for your company, or
for the hopes of generating revenue in the future, a free blog is not what you
want to have.
Invest on a paid website as this will benefit you in many ways. First,
free sites typically have limits and they do not have the features that are
present on paid ones. For instance, you may be flagged for posting specific
content like adult content on a free blog, while you are free to do this on a
paid site. Free sites may also be bombarded with advertisements from the site
itself. This can affect the overall experience of your readers, plus the ads
may not be something that you believe in, but you have no control over this.
Going for a free blog over a paid account is just one of the many
mistakes that you may experience as a new blogger. Every blogger has their own
sets of slipups and you can learn from these beginning
bloggers’ mistakes so you can take precautions early on
The infographic we made contains a list of the usual mistakes that are
typical for new bloggers. Learn from them to avoid making them.

Here’s the informative illustration:


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