Technical expertise is one thing which should be considered while you are focusing on a job which is oriented towards technical or digital world. More than 6.7 million American industries require tech skills and are tech industries. If you are a rare tech skill person then you will be paid well, so identifying your interest and working as per your dream job is the most important task to focus on.

Tech skills are required and are important than ever, as the industry is growing and digital world has enhanced itself, tech requirement has also been raised. While some skills expire in couple of years but tech skills are always required to start any of the business as well as online business. It is as important as the base to any firm or startup.

There can be various tech skills which are required to get you your dream job, but some of them are mentioned below in sequence of their compelling nature.


Java is class based object-oriented general and very popular programming language. It is very essential and plays important role as a building block to most of the other platforms. Java is an extremely popular and originally developed by Sun Microsystems. As Oracle bought Sun so Java is now owned by Oracle.

In today’s tech world, Java is the most popular and needed language as the whole building of any business is constructed over the platform, considering it to be the safest among all the languages with a lot to do with the functionalities it can create and provide a safer way to connect and communicate. It also has a great opportunity to people to knows and have handful of its knowledge. Further following this, Advance Java is something which one should get expertise in.


C Sharp is often written as “C#”. This language became popular by the programmers who write app code with Microsoft web programming tool. It is an offshoot of C language which is also developed by Microsoft. After Java leading the year 2016, 2017 has scope for both Java and C#. Yet this is not so popular language but has a significant role in object-oriented programming.

It has a specialty in strong type checking and auto garbage collection which is rare to find in other modern language. C# is one of the latest and modernized approach to software robustness, durability and high end productivity. One should have the knowledge in this to achieve high end jobs in tech world.


SQL is denoted as Structured Query Language. It is used with databases like Oracle, noSQL & Microsoft SQL. This is one of the most important languages and is found in most of the top business to lower business to access their database with ease. The one with an expertise in postgre and SQL languages is always paid high.

Elaborating it more, this language is domain-specific and special purpose type which is used to design and manage data in RDBMS (relational database management system), which is basically dependent on different tables and structure to store data independently. It has a high edge scope which includes data insert, query, update and delete, schema creation and modification, and data access control.


PL/SQL is Oracle’s programming language extension for accessing Oracle database. This is the highly paid and most professional database skill which one should definitely know and get expertise in. In 2017, this will be highly in demand to the business scenario and to the tech requirements in the industry.

PL/SQL stands for Procedural Language/ Structured Query Language. This is procedural extension for SQL and ten times faster in-memory than any other database. It works on structures and loops and conditions which helps in exceeding the functionality to successive release of the older version. It has a functionality which helps to reuse the applications by Oracle Database programmatic interface.


Perl is known as simpler programming language yet useful to learn at one shot. It is of much use in 2017. It is general purpose UNIX scripting language based programming support which is dynamic in nature. The language has borrowed its major features from C, sh (shell script), AWK and sed. It has extensions for network & graphics programming.


C is the most popular and most common language which is very famous among the youngsters. It is the first taught language which is often taught and used in basic to intermediate to high end coding. It is the base to most of the programming languages, hence learning C is like the most essential task to do for a programmer or for the one looking for career in tech world.

C here denotes Computer therefore it is mostly used by computer science engineers. It is strutted language and used for efficient machine instructions and to design operating systems.


C++ is the upper edge of C programming language. It is object-oriented for an expert coder. It should be learnt and thoroughly understood to make a stable base to enter tech world. Since it has been derived from C, so it contains all the functionality of C and some additions to it. It is known for its performance, efficiency and flexibility of use. It is used to design software infrastructure, desktop applications and servers. Providing a never ending functionality to its interface, this language has ruled from years and will continue this streak for long.


Javascript is the easiest language to learn. It is high-level, dynamic and untyped language which is used to provide the dynamic functionality to the web interface. Alongside, HTML & CSS, it is one of the core technologies of World Wide Web content production. It has the API with arrays, texts, functions etc which excels its features to provide the best interface to web development. It also helps in providing the instant pop-ups with CSS providing the look and feel to the functionality.


Last but not the least is PHP, denoted as Hypertext Processor language. It is a server-side scripting language which is again easy to learn and understand. This language is usually called as “Personal Home Page” as its code can be embedded in HTML code to produce web content, web applications, web templates and web frameworks. Thus this has been a very popular and easy to go language for web development.

Reading all the above tech skills, you must have understood the existence and importance of each one of them. These should be the core languages and skills one should focus while entering to the tech world and can excel the skills with many more such rare but interesting languages to provide a base to his/her career. Check Out Us the Best Web Development Company.



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