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Have you developed your own iOS or Android application? Unquestionably, you must be feeling proud of your application and the efforts that you have given. Finally, you have finished the first biggest obstacle; but, success won’t come instantly.

Developing a high-end mobile application is the only first step, but promoting your developed application and getting trustworthy customers through increasing app downloads will help you to win the fight.

Currently, the Apple App Store expands by 1000+ applications each day. More than one thousand apps in a day and a monstrous number of live apps, it means there is a solid competition for downloads, search space, and customers.

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There are various ways that help you to boost your application like Google AdWords, Google AdMob, Facebook Adverts, and Optimizing your app for App Store searches. However, the real problem behind this is that everyone, who have an application is using these techniques, and it is simple for app categories to become too soaked.

If you want to make your application successful and get more customers, you need to be creative and think out-of-the-box to get found. In this post, we have mentioned some of the simple yet creative ways to get your application found in the app stores and boost your customer base.

Let’s Have a Look at the Simple Tips to Boost Mobile App Downloads

1Try to Make Your Application Easy to Discover

Do you know that the mobile app market is also vigorously competitive like the web? To make an application successful, markets should accomplish good app store optimization or ASO.

As per the recent report by Apple, there are approximately 65% of applications that are discoverable on the app stores while 64% of clicks go to organic search results and only 6% go to bid.

As like SEO, app store optimization is also well-known for optimizing your application store listing through which you can gain organic discoverability. Thus, it is important that you ensure your keywords match your application value proposition.

  • Accurate genre listing of application.
  • Screenshots or videos of your app
  • Detailed information with app updates included.
  • Distinct Name of your App.

2In-app referrals

There are lots of applications that are using referrals as a way of assisting word-of-mouth, and today, the mobile app industry has turned in-app referrals into a business chief. But when you use this technique, there are some steps that you need to follow to make it successful. Here are some of the steps of in-app referrals:

  • The time it right: In the excitement of increasing their app’s downloads, various markets time their referral campaign wrongly. Thus, nobody in their target audience believes what they are serving or they attract only the inducement avaricious users, who have no intention of using the application.
  • Proactively Promote the In-app Referrals Program: By proactively sharing your program across different platforms, you can get your referral program discovered by app users.
  • Analyzing the Campaign Results Steadily: As digital and offline channels have different sorts of users whereas some of them would be your target audience while the other would choose to participate in incentives.

This way, you can make in-app referral program successful, resulting in increasing number of app downloads.

3Make Sure That You Describe Your App Value Proposal

Many times, marketers are underrating the value proposition of their application. As applications are serving a different purpose compared to websites, email or social media.Not only they are technically different, but they are serving a different user experience.

Let’s have a look at some of the pointers about app value proposition:

  • First, you need to determine the main aim of the application like whether you are looking for driving more conversions to your eCommerce site or want to boost customer loyalty through points. You can gamify a customer rewards program and showcase luxury inventory or encourage special sales.
  • Then, you can search for the right tools/support>look at integrating, plugins and/or invest in a mobile engagement and analytics platform. You can look for new technologies with pre-built features designed specifically for the team’s goal and decrease the time and resources that required to market and launch a brand-new application.

At last, you should research your competition regularly and ensure that your application stands out from other apps.

4Direct Link from Your Mobile Site to Rapid Downloads of Your App

You may think that it is easy and simple to perform, but backlinks have given a huge impact. All those links that are used creatively between channels and devices have opened many new opportunities for omni channel marketing.

At the time of browsing your mobile website, you can prompt users to download your application at the time of checking out and purchase. Mobile sites often do not deliver the same agile experience like an application. Users are attracted towards safe, secure, and smooth user-interface when they fill out private credit card information.

In any case, if users are interested in checking a product in full view, they need to install the mobile app. Once they click on it, they will be redirected to a download button for the application.

You can also let the user know that your application will notify them for emergency announcements. For instance, you can notify or message them about their abandoned products in their basket or alert them about the availability in a nearby store.

So, these are the 4 simple ways to increase mobile app downloads without any hassle. You can consider these ways and get downloads of your mobile apps. However, you can also consult a professional mobile app marketing company and discuss your mobile app marketing requirements.


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