Ranbir: Katrina doesn’t call my father “PAPA”!!!

And with that, the ‘Tamasha’ actor clears all the fuss… There were the reports, a few days back that Katrina at a party that was attended by Rishi Kapoor, greeted the versed actor warmly and allegedly asked, “Hi Papa, how are you?” Definitely the moment everyone got a gust of it, and it was all over the media.

Now, for someone who concedes about being close to getting married, calling his father as ‘Papa’ by his girlfriend is not a big deal. We do it all the time that is an obvious sign of a natural progression in the relationship. While we found it sweet, and we do not think that Ranbir took it too warmly. He completely refuted the claim that Katrina calls Rishi Kapoor as ‘Papa’!!!

Ranbir was talking to the media at the success party of “Tamasha”, someone asked him that if it is true that Katrina addresses his father as “PAPA”??? The actor dismissed it absolutely. Ranbir said, “No, this is not true. She do not call him papa. In fact, she calls him Rishiji”.  And with that single sentenced, he silenced everyone who was hearing the wedding bells of this Kapoor boy. But then Ranbir Kapoor, how does it matter. As long as the actress respects him as her suitor’s father, it is enough. After all, what is in a name!!!

Well, we don’t think that Rishi Kapoor would mind if Katrina calls him PAPA. Would he???


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