Househusband, A home managed by a Husband

The quantity of authentic ‘househusband’ has significantly increased in the course of recent decades, as spouses assume control over the generally male role of breadwinner, leaving men on childcare and housekeeping responsibility. The possibility that gender jobs are changing is as evident at home for what it’s worth busy working. The jobs and simultaneous desires for the two people who are not working since they decide to remain at home have experienced considerable amendments in the course of recent years.

A “House Husband”, or stay-at-home father (then again, remain at home dad, housefather, househusband, or house-mate) is a term used to portray a dad who is the principal guardian of the kids and is the homemaker of the household. As families have advanced, the act of being a stay-at-home father/husband has gotten increasingly normal. In the “advanced society” this regular practice brings about the spouse or noteworthy other working and supporting the family’s needs, which you the house husband, deal with the youngsters and home.

Househusband, A new beginning!

Unlike overseas societies, the word “Househusband” is still a foreign and unimaginable term in modern society. The nation is much more moving out of its stereotypical shells, but some stones are yet to be explored. The unfamiliar term has been highlighted in the film ‘ki and ka’, starring Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor. Congrats R.balki for bringing in such a unique concept into Bollywood & presenting it so well.

In the movie, the roles of the ‘breadwinner’ called Househusband and ‘caregiver’ called wife are reciprocated. The concept highlights the fruitful possibilities of a relationship between a man and a woman, which are otherwise bound by some fixed rules set by communities and societies.


But, the title contradicts when they are bound to become a homemaker irrespective of their own wishes. Well, the times have changed and so have the duties. The irony here is, working women are playing double duties now, a homemaker and a breadwinner too!

But unlike a standard Indian, some of them do have a connection with their conscience and understand that the male and female differences are not limited to society norms. It can be imagined beyond that. A househusband is one such exception to be accepted!

According to the surveys, these role reversals in most of the world face huge refusal. The piercing comments and sarcasm make the male partner feel inferior. They are misunderstood as homosexual. People conveniently forget that the decision is mutual and supported by both the partners in their relationship.


The best way to tackle the situation is refreshing the old trust in each other and reminding themselves that, they are in every manner supportive to each other irrespective of the roles they are playing and the work they are doing. Check out us more about Bollywood news.


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